I heart Google

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A running list of Google-inspired concepts, games, neologisms, activist campaigns and so forth.

Google and society

Postcards from Planet Google, The New York Times, November 28, 2002.
On the Google Zeitgeist – the unparalleled view that Google has into global trains of thought. Most interesting Google article I’ve ever read.
Google dating, aka Beer Googles
According to a recent article in Glamour, 76% of women have admitted to doing this, while only 28% of men have. I cannot speak for the men, but the perhaps unrepresentative sampling of myself + Maggie indicates a 100% incidence.

Google as food for academic thought

The Google Death Penalty
What happens when Google decides to eliminate a website entirely from its index, meaning that no search terms will find it. Harvard law professor Jonathan Zittrain researches government-requested Google Death Penalties.
Google: a case study
From an e-commerce course taught by North Carolina State management professor Michael Rappa.

Google as entertainment… and as art

Objective: to find a two-word query that results in a single result (“Results 1-1 of [any number]”). No quote marks allowed. The queried words must be dictionary words. Quickly spotted was the Heisenbergian irony that a successful Googlewhack listed on the Whack Stack thereby destroys itself.
Google Strange
Someone has Googled odd text strings and recorded the findings, which demonstrate that no matter how odd you think you are… someone is odder. Cf. “LiveJournal
See what Google has to say on a given person, place, object, topic, etc. Nothing to say about me yet *snif*
Google Bombs
Because for Google’s search algorithm, “what you say about a page becomes just as important as the actual content of the page.” Sounds like high school. Sabotage your rivals in the Google dating stakes.
“Rejected Google holiday logos” Photoshop contest
I was quivering with anticipation as I clicked on this link but was disappointed to find most of the entries (a) in poor taste and (b) more importantly, not funny.
Geoff’s Google Duel and Google Fight
Pit George W. Bush v. Bin Laden, Britney v. Christina, Microsoft v. the law, a picture v. a thousand words or any other two entities you like against each other in the only quantitative assessment that matters in today’s celebrity-centered society: how many Google hits your query turns up.
Google Poetry
Enter a query and inspire a poem in your choice of Hippie, Beatnik, Shakespearean, Swedish Chef (?) or plain styles.
The Google AdWords Happening
In April 2002 French artist Christophe Bruno launched a small poetry happening via Google AdWords. It lasted for 24 hours before he was forcibly removed. “My first satisfaction occurred when somebody who had typed ‘hemorrhoid symptom’ on Google arrived on my website, after having clicked on my ad.” “Sex” costs $3,836.79 per day while “death” costs just $42.66. Market forces at work. But “capitalism” is $2.74 and “communism” is $0.33.

The inevitable backlash

“Semantic ethnic-cleansing” caused, inadvertently or not, by the dangerous combination of Google goggles and the blogeoisie.
A Livejournal community and website that has nominated Google for 2003 U.S. Corporate Big Brother of the Year.
Google erases anti-Scientology links
The Church of Scientology manages to censor Google. I wish they actually had sued, because The Church v. Google has a good 21st century ring to it.
Google, the new Microsoft.
Mr. Anti-Google and his site google-watch.org
Google, the new Pinochet.

Other Google resources

Open Directory’s Google listing
Happy Piles of Google Hacks
Google Pranks and Games from the new O’Reilly book Google Hacks. The other “hacks” on the sample page are not what you’d normally think of as hacks, but rather power tools for getting the most out of one’s Googles.

Finally, I believe I am losing brain cells as it took me a good half hour to realize why Froogle is called “Froogle.”

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