Two kinds of chat

[Originally posted on LJ]

A post on iWire last week hilariously outlines a Kyoto-esque framework for offsetting emissions of hot air from anthropogenic blogging sources.1 I reckon journalist/pundit blogs are to LiveJournal as carbon dioxide (CO2) is to methane (CH4).

While puttering around doing some housekeeping in the general area of my desk, I went ahead and loaded BlogChatter, “a real-time event stream of weblog updates … Pings to BlogChatter are displayed instantly the moment they are received, and only persisted in memory for no longer than 30 seconds.” I kept it running for about two hours in the evening Thai time and ran it again the next morning.

Judging from the data so far (very incomplete, includes only weblogs on Movable Type), the blogosphere doesn’t breathe too evenly – it hiccups. At 20:04:57 ICT I blinked and twenty-three posts appeared. During western hemisphere daylight hours activity was clearly more frantic, approaching hyperventilation around 9 am EST. I imagine if the site supported LJ pings, nocturnal, er, emissions would be better represented. All in all strangely soothing. Like watching a fishtank.

Well, it beats sitting around waiting for people to post in your LJ.

A warm real-time, face-to-face coffee with noman tonight at the new Starbucks at Tops on Thong Lor (it’s even more hi-so than the one across from Oishi). Looking forward to seeing matana back in Bangkok this weekend.

1 As opposed to the 27 million blogging sheep in New Zealand.2
2 Yes, I know.

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