E+Co: "Energy Through Enterprise"

[Originally posted on the Fletcher INTERNet]

Currently playing on my imaginary life soundtrack: “Hot in Here” by Nelly. Walking down Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Road at lunchtime today, the equator felt very close as the midday sun beat straight down on my tender Medford skin.

For the next few weeks in Bangkok I am working for E+Co, a U.S.-based not-for-profit that provides business development services and seed capital to clean energy entrepreneurs in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Originally a program of the Rockefeller Foundation, E+Co’s mission is “bringing together technology, people and funding to create viable local enterprises that deliver affordable and clean energy to those in need.”

E+Co’s current investments in Asia vary widely. There’s biogas, biomass, run-of-river hydro, solar photovoltaic, wind, and transmission and distribution, in Nepal, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, and China. Generating capacities range in size from 1 kilowatt miniature wind turbines to 20 megawatt rice husk-fired thermal power plants.

My task will be to produce the semi-annual monitoring and evaluation (M&E) reports for E+Co’s active investments in Asia. The idea is to assess the financial, social and environmental (“triple bottom line”) performance of each enterprise, in order to evaluate investment impact, increase future access to capital and improve the knowledge base for developers and investors alike.

Julia is in Bangkok for a couple of days on her way to Bhutan. I think we’ll be spending some time on two key Thai activities: eating and market shopping.

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