Brooklyn, but first Boston

[Originally posted on a now-defunct blog]

I’ve been wandering around the streets of New York grinning in excitement and am now hanging out with Maggie at her apartment in Inman Square. Less than three days after I flew into NY, my roomie Josh and I found a lovely apartment. After we signed the lease there was no need to stay in Manhattan, so I’ve Fung-Wahed up to Boston to see Maggie and Ev and a few Fletcher folk, do some errands, and get my boxes.

Fletcher everywhere. In New York: After signing our lease on Saturday, we went for brunch with Parker (at whose and Seiji’s apartment we were crashing – is that grammatical?) and Paul at Pastis, the bistro in the Meatpacking District that the Sex and the City women were always going to. Diner grub with Alissa and Josh in Williamsburg. Coffee with Jane W. in Union Square. Pizza and Magnolia Bakery cupcakes with Seiji and Gail in the West Village, followed by Belgian beer with Dan and Corinne in Greenwich Village, followed by my quick exit due to an unpleasant in-stomach encounter between cupcake and beer. In Boston: Coffee with Eiden at Diesel, where we ran into Maria S. Drinks with Steph, Wyatt and Wolfe at Orleans. Pizza with Steph and Tom H at Emma’s. Tomorrow, breakfast with Alissa at Renée’s.

Back to our apartment. It’s a beautifully kept, sunny, shiny place in Boerum Hill, a bobo neighborhood in Brooklyn. It’s the neighborly-cafe-bar-bookshop fantasy I had in wishing to live in Brooklyn, and which I’d figured was probably unattainable in our price range. It’s across the street from a laundromat and a drugstore… steps away from a supermarket and rows and rows of cafes, bars and restaurants… 10 mins by bus to the Park Slope organic food co-op, which runs 80% on members’ labor and as a consequence you can get groceries for just 17% above wholesale… 20 mins walk to the BAM Cultural District and the lovely Olmsted-designed Prospect Park… and most astonishingly, four feet from the subway station.

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