Links for 18.3.10 [FC heavy]

  • Facebook co-founder and creator Chris Hughes soft-launches – a social networking site that “matches people based on their skills and interests with organizations around the world that need their input”
  • “Infographics and data visualization have reached some kind of tipping point in our world, agreed four of the discipline’s smartest designers at the Interactive Infographics panel at SXSW Tuesday afternoon… Infographics are so mainstream that there are even jokes about infographics.”
  • The World Bank’s excellent Information for Development website
  • The Worldwatch Institute’s intriguing Transforming Cultures and Nourishing the Planet’s blogs on moving from consumerism to sustainability, and sustainable agriculture
  • Twitter launches @anywhere, enabling someone reading a website to mouseover, say, a company’s name and view a pop-up of the latest tweets about that company. Implications for corporate transparency?
  • John (Elkington)’s first Fast Company blog, on the cleantech scene in SF
  • Reading Seth Godin’s Linchpin and can’t get this out of my mind

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