Links for 20-22.3.10

  • 100 Best Business Books of All Time: I rather like the chapter headings, themselves instructive.
  • MoMA acquires “@” (their only public domain acquisition ever): and it makes sense! fascinating.
  • Why the Internet should win the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • 20% time not just for Googlers – why and how to make it work for you.
  • “If you stay open to everything, it makes it difficult to do your thing.” – One of my two favorite teachers from school days, on Sunday in Dolores Park. This was in reference to figuring out the use of IT and social media in the classroom, but it certainly applies to everything.
  • Forget Malthus – the real threat is over-consumption, not over-population. “A woman in rural Ethiopia can have ten children and, in the unlikely event that those ten children all live to adulthood and have ten children of their own, the entire clan of more than a hundred rural Ethiopians will still be emitting less carbon dioxide than you or me.”
  • Edgeconomist Umair Haque: “Go great to good. Today’s great challenge isn’t making the same old toxic junk more efficiently — it’s making stuff that’s not toxic junk in the first place.” Why? There are “seven ways going great-to-good is better for your bottom line.” I like his dubbing of transparency and accountability as “ethical accelerators” – a much better way of describing accountability, collaboration, innovation, etc. than I used.
  • Frog Design on the new economies of trust and meaning (vs transactions and materials) – wonderfully pulls together strands from Umair Haque’s, Shoshana Zuboff’s i-space, NESTA on trust, CHris Anderson on the freeconomy and our own Volans. Why does meaning matter? For one, it means creating value from something other than material stuff.

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