• “The age of nations is over. The new urban age has begun” (Parag Khanna in Foreign Policy, Sep/Oct 2010)
  • “China and India were the biggest economies in the world for almost all of the past 2000 years. Why they fell so far behind may be more of a mystery than why they are currently flourishing.” (A history of world GDP in The Economist)
  • Berkeley prof Michael O’Hare’s welcome letter to his freshman students says: “Of course we can afford a government that actually works: the fact is that your parents have simply chosen not to have it.”
  • Fascinating new search engine “for the past, present and future” from Yahoo! that enables review of old predictions and shows how topics evolve over time (Fast Company)
  • Australia’s New South Wales state gov’t is now discouraging development in certain coastal zones due to sea level rise caused by climate change (GreenBiz)

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