…the danger of New York City cycling is due to mindset: cyclists behave and are treated like pedestrians, but are moving many times faster and in the road – also, loving the term “bike salmon” for a cyclist who goes the wrong way up the street and generally ignores traffic laws with abandon (Felix Salmon)

…sustainable consumption = shared consumption (Joel Makower, Collaborative Consumption, McKinsey Quarterly)

…“#Wherewereyou: WaPo puts the humble hashtag to work” – on journalism as curating, and the semantics of Twitter’s hashtag (Nieman Journalism Lab)

…(short) URLs are the new cookies: “whoever owns the shortener sees the engagement between the audience and the content, no matter where it happens” (O’Reilly Radar)

…is Google design overly data-driven? what about principles? (Co.Design)

…Tom Friedman on why the United States “is #1(1)” – its problems are incremental, American leaders don’t ask Americans to sacrifice, Americans don’t sacrifice on their own, and as for global leadership, “After you” (NYT)

…human beings were designed to pulse – sound tips from the Energy Project on how to get more done, be happier, and be better to your loved ones (

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