I’m interested in how people see and organize the world, and what that means for our planet.

Slightly more specifically, this translates into interests in behavioral change, business, brand, cities, cognitive science, complexity, collaboration, consumption, data visualization, decision-making, design, economics, education, food, finance, information design, innovation, language, maps, measurement, markets, networks, organizations, people, risk, social media, systems, typography, valuation, value chains, visual art, the Web, and lots of other things that I don’t really understand.

This blog is a wabi sabi* sandbox for exploring some of this, as well as a scrapbook for my head, with some random sightings around London and other places (and a few entries from blogs I kept pre-2007).

I work for SustainAbility, a think tank and advisory firm working to change the terms of business. Before that I worked for a social change communications agency in London, a strategy consulting firm in New York and a family-founded biomass power start-up in Bangkok. Just a quick shout-out to the smart, fun and kind colleagues I’ve been blessed with at all those places. I studied international business relations in grad school and philosophy and linguistics in college and, in fanciful moments, think what we’re doing at SustainAbility is applied philosophy of economics. If I were a company, our offices would be in London, Bangkok, and the US Northeastern corridor with a fantasy temporary nostalgic office in the SF Bay Area.

*A reminder to myself that, as Steve Jobs said to the team that developed the first Mac, “Real artists ship.”

Background watercolor map of London by the amazing Stamen Design, under CC BY 3.0. Data by OpenStreetMap, under CC BY SA.

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