Last day of 2008

Saw the Francis Bacon retrospective at Tate Britain this afternoon with Matt. We were trying to imagine having all that raw… rawness inside. Is it inside all of us, and are we just not artistic enough to express it as Bacon does? Now doing the decidedly un-bleak thing of drinking champagne with fresh pomegranate juice and thinking about designing (i.e. borrow a CC-licensed Flickr image and bung a few primary-colored pixel stars on it via Splashup) a New Year Day’s e-card. Heading down to Brixton in a bit to meet up with Mat and some of his friends. Was mighty tempted to stay home in the warm as am a quiet New Year’s Eve kind of girl, but it’ll be lovely to see Mat and be out, especially as I realized this is my first New Year’s Eve in London.

Stumbled upon in the Northeast


Was waiting outside a restaurant when I overheard an acoustic version of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme coming from a nearby cafe-cum-live music venue, which then segued into a bit of Britney, Chumbawumba, NKOTB, Spice Girls and more – and lo, it was an adorable Boston-based quartet called Stepanian, the kind of music that makes you should be outside with friends on a summer evening.
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