Market-based solutions for beach reading

[Originally posted on a now-defunct blog]

Just a very quick post for the novelty of posting from a small island in the Gulf of Thailand. We completed the 10-day meditation retreat yesterday.

Now staying at the rather posh Panviman resort at Thong Nai Pan beach on the northeast side of Phangan. I’ve been out in the sun all morning and reveling in the brownness, while reading When Genius Failed: The Rise and Fall of Long-Term Capital Management, passed on to me by Parker and to be passed on to Stéphane when I’m done. Have just got to mid-1997, as the Asian financial markets were collapsing, Merton was about to win the Nobel and LTCM was about to implode. Nail-biting!

We are going to have a bit of lunch now and then rent a kayak to paddle round the bay. Afterwards I’ll get back to Merton, LTCM and sun.